Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Trip to Dog Mountain

One of the many amazing spots I have found in Oregon was Dog Mountain. This hike came up when I was searching hikes for wildflowers. 

Go to this site for more information and directions:

On your trip a great place to stop in for a bite to eat is Multnomah Falls Lodge.

I was extremely impressed with the Elk Burger. You may learn by following me that I am very fond of hamburgers. Good ones at least. There fries were spectacular as well. It's like they just cut a potato into wedges and put them in the oven. Along with some rosemary seasoning. Yum!!

If you aren't hiked out you could always hike up the Multnomah waterfall by the restaurant or enjoy the view from below. 

And be sure to keep your eyes pealed on the way back for the sunset on the Columbia River Gorge.

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